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Meet our new "infinity" logo

We are proud to kick off the Infomatics rebranding initiative by revealing our new logo. With an infinity symbol in the middle and a circle on each side, this logo captures Infomatic's ethos of endless innovation, continuous improvement and creativity without bounds.

As we grew to incorporate new technologies and services in our offerings to clients, it became apparent that we needed a new logo that would represent the company throughout its growth.

The infinite potential featured at the center of our new logo shows Infomatic's commitment to always learn and grow. We regularly evaluate and incorporate emerging technologies into the solutions we offer our clients.

In addition, the infinity loop has come to represent the endless cycle of innovation at the heart of our industry. The next project begins before the previous one is even finished. Standing still means falling behind as the rest of the world moves forward. The infinity loop has also come to represent the DevOps lifecycle, a continuous process of improvement, action and introspection.

With the two circles outside of the infinity loop we show our willingness the think outside of any boundaries that limity our creativity.

In the future, you can look forward to a revamped Infomatics website and new ways to interact with us.

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