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Infomatics Earns ISO 9001 Certification

We are proud to announce that Infomatics Corp has earned it's ISO 9001 certification. This initiative is part of our efforts to better serve our customers and engage with employees. Amidst difficulties of COVID-19 pandemic, Infomatics leadership prepared the proper documentation and obtained the certificate over a 4-month long period.

This certification applies for both our onshore and offshore branches.

As a result of the certification process, Infomatics can provide a higher standard of services to its clients and better engage with its employees.

"A lot of operations weren’t previously streamlined or as clear as they are now," said Muhammad Saleem, General Manager at Infomatics Corp. "Now employees in different departments have been trained appropriately. As a result, all the departments are more aware of their standard operating procedures."

These streamlined procedures applied to the sales, marketing, engineering, recruitment, human resources, accounting, contracts, and product departments.

The ISO 9001 designation certifies that we have implemented a quality management system throughout our organization. A QMS is a documented set of rules that that governs how a business provides goods and services to its customers. This certification also shows our commitment to maintaining the quality management system consistently as Infomatics grows.

"It’s not that once we get it we are done," said Meenaz Shariff, CEO of Infomatics India. "Every year we are being audited by that organization to see that we are in compliance."

Thanks to this certification, Infomatics Corp will be recognized as a business operating at a high standard to better serve its clients.

“It’s the measure by which other companies will see how we are operating," Shariff said. "All our processes are defined as part of this.”


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