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CASE STUDY: Breaking silos to unlock real-time personalization for a top telco

Personalization has become ubiquitous in consumer’s digital lives. Social media feeds present users with updates that align with their interests, ecommerce platforms know what consumers want before they do and entertainment platforms push content to viewers that keeps them subscribing for years.

The telecommunications industry, however, lags behind on real-time personalization for even its own customers. 

A large part of the problem comes down to data.

The challenge

As one of the largest telcos in the country, our client recognized the need to provide a more personalized experience for both customers and prospects across its platforms. This is especially important when clients interact with the provider through phone calls, web, mobile applications, social media and other touch points.

These touch points also contribute data to disparate silos, including third-party sources, that provide a fractured picture of clients and prospects.

Our challenge was to connect these data silos in order to create a comprehensive picture of each client or prospect and to enable a personalized, consistent user experience across all the touch points between the telco and anyone who interacts with it.

Our solution

Infomatics began the process of creating a personalized experience by consolidating user data across all the client’s sources. This included third-party data and information gathered from user interactions with the telco’s own platforms.

Third party sources are typically provided by external vendors while user interactions are compiled from instances where customers and prospects visit the company’s applications, websites, make phone calls, or visit stores.

This vast amount of data was stored in disparate silos, even within the telco’s own infrastructure. We used deterministic matches to relate data sources to individuals and build a complete picture of each customer and prospect.


Now that we have broken the client’s data silos, the telco is able to create audience segments based on the target’s interests, behavior and demographics. Both marketing and design teams now have the data they need to ensure a unified experience for users that is relevant and useful. This enhanced user experience will establish a better relationship between the telco and its audience, increasing retention and improving conversion rates.

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