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Get the cost savings of offshore development without the inconvenience thanks to Infomatics' Offshore-Onshore model.

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    It's no secret that offshore services can save you a significant amount of money. However, there are a number of obstacles that make it hard for companies in the United States to take advantage of those savings. That's where Infomatics comes in.

    Offshore development with an onshore customer experience

    We are able to offer offshore development prices while providing and onshore experience by managing client projects through our onshore headquarters. Located in the Dulles Technology Corridor just outside Washington, DC, we are part of a strong information technology community with the resources to take on any project.

    Businesses that work with offshore development firms have come to expect difficulties in the form of cultural barriers, mismatched timezones, and low quality. However, our clients only interface with our onshore management team. This allows them to bypass any cultural barriers and meet during regular business hours.

    We promote excellence in our offshore projects by hiring expert technology professionals and holding them to the highest standards. We promote their professional development and help them earn certifications that ultimately provide value to our clients.

    Communications and support around the clock

    It’s more important than ever that technology systems work around the clock. That’s why you need a team that can provide support at any time. Our blended model gives you access to developers in multiple time zones, providing expert help when you need it. 

    The Infomatics offshore advantage

    Thanks to our vast experience with managing IT projects in India, Infomatics is able to provide clients with benefits few competitors can offer.

    Our recruiting team in India has developed access to hard-to-find technology and development skill sets. And, with our thorough screening process, we are able to find the best candidates for our clients. We retain that talent for years to come thanks to our strong workplace culture.

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