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Simplify IT with managed cloud services that reduce capital costs, enhance security, and enable mobility without increasing the burden on your enterprise.

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    We understand your need for a cloud infrastructure that adapts to your business as it evolves. That’s why we see our cloud customers as partners and not just clients. While you focus on growing your business, our cloud experts manage your operating systems, networks, and the applications that sit on top of your infrastructure. As partners, we take the time to learn your needs and keep your cloud infrastructure in line with your business' changing requirements.

    Optimized cost and performance

    It costs a lot to manage on-premises infrastructure. Storage, software, servers, load-balancing, power, expertise and other costs come together to make a pretty high bill. Cloud storage has all the same requirements, but providers manage these requirements on such a massive scale that they can lower costs down for the end user.

    Thanks to this, users can increase or decrease their cloud needs as needed. Rather than paying for new servers and more space then taking the time it takes to install and implement them, users can tap into the cloud provider’s available resources. This way, users can scale operations on demand without the heavy capital expenditures it takes to expand on-premises infrastructure. The right cloud tools can also enable DevOps automation to speed up prototyping, development, and deployment of new applications.

    Secure systems

    While some IT professionals may still have misgivings about cloud security, this fear often doesn’t take into account the great strides cloud providers have made in the last several years.

    Cloud providers focus more on security than most enterprises will ever be able to. While you’re juggling multiple IT needs, cloud providers like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM, Oracle, and Alibaba Cloud  are focusing on optimizing their infrastructure, even publishing industry-leading security research.

    That’s why Gartner predicts that public cloud computing and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)  workloads will suffer at least 60% fewer security incidents than those in traditional data centers. 

    On-premise infrastructures that are connected to the internet remain vulnerable to outside threats. This became abundantly clear after WannaCry ravaged on-premise systems across the globe in 2017. The infamous malware traveled through devices to infect entire enterprise networks and locked down systems, demanding a ransom in Bitcoins.

    Enable mobile access

    Mobile devices and workloads are quickly gaining a foothold in the enterprise landscape. This requires shifting data and application workloads to the cloud. Our managed cloud services allow your employees to access your critical IT infrastructure from anywhere with an internet connection. This opens opportunities for field operations, data gathering, remote work while incorporating a wide variety of mobile devices.

    Public managed cloud services

    Unlike on-premise architectures, public cloud solutions are hosted by a third-party such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or Oracle. By utilizing the public cloud, our managed cloud services allow you to access your application from anywhere with an internet connection. Cloud provider’s considerable investments in infrastructure also allow them to provide storage that is cheaper than on-premises solutions. Because providers have an immense architecture on hand, their solutions allow you to build quick prototypes then scale your application according to demand. This speeds up the application development process and allows you to only pay for the resources you require. Each of the major public cloud providers offer a robust set of services. However, those powerful services require expertise to manage and align with your objectives. That's where our managed cloud services come in.

    Amazon Web Services

    As the longstanding leader in cloud services, AWS has millions of use cases under its belt. With a wide variety of functions and capabilities, it makes a strong one-stop shop for a large number of companies. Because of its ubiquity, AWS has partnerships and integrations with third-parties that fit your specific requirements. As an AWS partner, we maintain the expertise to deliver a cloud implementation that fits your needs and evolves with your business.

    Microsoft Azure

    Microsoft has long been a favorite for larger enterprise customers and Azure makes it easier to move the company's technologies to the cloud. For companies that depend on Microsoft products and require a hybrid architecture, Microsoft Azure is often a strong choice. Second to AWS in terms of market share, the gap in offerings between Microsoft Azure and AWS is rapidly narrowing.

    Oracle Cloud Platform

    As a newer service, Oracle Cloud Platform's adoption follows on the heels of AWS and Microsoft Azure. We are proud to offer our managed cloud services as an Oracle Silver Partner. It offers its cloud services as an integrated set and eliminates the need to purchase third-party solutions. It is especially known for its powerful DaaS capabilities and the ability to bridge database services with PaaS and IaaS. It's hyperscale architecture allows you to easily expand your IT infrastructure as you grow.

    Hybrid managed cloud services

    Often considered the best of both worlds, hybrid cloud allows you to mix on-premises private cloud and public cloud services. You can host sensitive workloads and data on the private cloud in order to follow regulatory requirements. Then you can use the public cloud for public-facing or less sensitive workloads that require easy scalability. However, managing the two and providing the technology to allow the clouds to interact can be a costly endeavor compared to full cloud architectures.

    Cloud migration

    We offer cloud migration expertise for your data, applications, and infrastructure in order to support managed cloud services. Our software engineers have the expertise to rework operating code in order to prepare it for the many technical interactions taking place in the new cloud environment. Throughout the migration, we continuously monitor and assess the process to uncover patterns and anomalies that will inevitably arise. This allows us to find the root cause whenever an event occurs and make the necessary adjustments. Once we've completed migrating the data and applications, we continue optimizing your managed cloud services to help them evolve with your business.

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