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CASE STUDY: Application stability with AppDynamics

The Challenge: maintain system stability across a suite of enterprise applications

A health insurance client maintains two robust call center applications that leverage data from back-end systems to provide timely, useful information to members and healthcare providers.

The client must meet significant SLAs if it is to consistently provide exceptional customer service to stakeholders. The impact of these SLAs comes out to $12 million. Naturally, it is crucial for the client to maintain the system’s quality throughout its deployment.

Our challenge was to provide a solution to monitor their entire system and provide a complete view of crucial data relating to applications, servers, databases, and network health.

Monitoring tools such as CA Wily require deep level subject matter expertise and understanding to use the tool and interpret the data it yields. The vast amount of data it delivers must be processed before users can glean actionable insights.

The Solution: business-oriented monitoring with AppDynamics

Infomatics led our multiple webinars for client stakeholders to understand the application performance management ecosystem. After a period of research, Infomatics determined that AppDynamics would be a strong tool to supplement our client’s monitoring needs.

Performance mapped to business transactions

Unlike its competitors, AppDynamics provides users with a view of their application’s performance by the business transactions they depend on. These transactions are made up of all the required services within an environment that are called on to fulfill a user’s request. They include operations such as login, search, and submit.

AppDynamics automatically discovers known and unknown business transactions and creates a topology map of the flow of traffic within an application. By mapping system performance to business transactions, users are able to identify where their operations are suffering and drill down to specific problems in their infrastructure without deep technical knowledge.

This helps our client visualize transactions that were previously hidden and gives them the ability to better manage their environment and platforms based on accurate user behavior.

Efficiently detect parameters outside of normal

Infomatics displayed multiple business transactions in the client’s dashboard. The client is now able to see any deviations from the baseline with ease and identify the business transaction that is affected.

Three-click root cause analysis

Once the problematic transaction is identified, the user is able to drill down within three clicks and identify any issues that must be resolved. This quick drill-down allows our client to improve operational efficiency, protect its revenue, and avoid extraneous costs.

The Outcome: efficienty visibility into enterprise applications

Thanks to our AppDynamics implementation, the client has gained unmatched visibility into its call center application infrastructure. The new view of system performance the business transactions cuts down on the specialized work of SMEs interpreting data before it can be turned into actionable insights. The ability to drill down to the root cause of a failure in under three clicks drastically reduces the time

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